Town Crier Project

town crier

Chairs: Glenn Dobie & Al Dyck

The electronic kiosk (Town Crier) will serve as an information & communication platform:

  1. To inform Cranbrook citizens and tourists of community events, tournaments & festivals
  2. To recognize and celebrate Cranbrook Citizens and organizations significant accomplishments 
  3. To keep citizens informed of important City Council announcements.
  4. To provide a free platform for non-profit community organizations and Cranbrook Tourism to promote events, tournaments and festivals

Location: Downtown Cranbrook at the corner of 10th A and 1st S, directly across the street from Rotary Park

Important Component: No commercial, political or religious messaging will be permitted

The Rotary of Club will purchase the Electronic Crier from Selkirk Signs

Community Partnerships:

City of Cranbrook: Installation of the kiosk will be provided as a result of a presentation to City Council. 

Cranbrook Tourism:  Cranbrook Tourism will serve as the host to input the community messages.  Cranbrook Tourism will collaborate with The Cranbrook City Council to include significant council announcements.

Projected Budget:

Budget: $21,025.88 

RDEK Grant Application $4,500 (pending)

Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club $16,025.88 (to be confirmed by club members at March 19 presentation to the club)

Total: $21,025.88

Cranbrook residents will become better informed of the many events, tournament and festivals. Increased awareness and community pride in the many significant citizen accomplishments. The kiosk will become a well-known place to check out for what’s happening in Cranbrook.




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